Photo Retouching / Restoration

Photo retouching can often add the extra polish to a good photo and elevate it to becoming a great photo! Our skilled photoshop artists can whiten teeth, remove pimples, scars, age lines, and blemishes in a realistic and believable way.  Valuable heirloom and vintage photos that are cracked or damaged and thought to be irreparable can be digitally restored to their former glory!

Photo Retouching for Headshots         $20 1st file        $15 / additional file

Includes contrast and brightness adjustments, blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, teeth whitening, teeth repair / straightening, eyebrow filling / plucking, lip shaping, changing lipstick color, and airbrushing as requested.  Photo retouching is highly recommended for actors before having their headshots reproduced to obtain the best look possible from your photo shoot.

Vintage / Heirloom Photo Retouching         $75 / hr

Our vintage and heirloom photo retouching involves 3 steps.

  1.  We will carefully make a high resolution digital file of your original photograph.
  2. We create a PSD file in Photo Shop and edit the newly made file.
  3. When retouching is complete, we make a high resolution master edited JPG file for you to keep!

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