Choosing an Acting Headshot Photographer For My Child?

This is a great question.  Often, photographers who work well with adults don’t relate well with children.

When choosing a photographer to shoot headshots for your children, for goodness sake, don’t ask the photographer if they like photographing children!  Of course, they’re going to say yes!  Instead, check out their website to see first hand how their children’s headshots look.  The results will speak for themselves.

Remember, it’s not important that photographers feel good about photographing children.  It’s more important that children feel good about being photographed by that particular photographer!

When investigating a photographer’s site, be critical.  It’s imperative your kids stand out amongst the pack if they’re to win an audition. Look carefully at the photographer’s shots of children and you’ll soon realize immediately if this is the person you want to  choose to photograph your children.

Check to see if the kids appear natural and relaxed.  Ask yourself, do they seem to have a connection to the camera?  Do they appear like they feel comfortable with the photographer?  If the kids in the photographers portfolio appear stiff or nervous, just choose  another photographer.

Another thing to watch for when looking at children’s shots is the variety of looks a photographer can capture from children.  Like adults, children are cast as “good kids” and angels as well as “bad kids” and bullies.

Ensure your child gets the most out of their headshot session by choosing a photographer who demonstrates ability to obtain both smiles and serious looks from the session.

About the Author

This article was written by Trevan Wong aka “Bucky” and friends of Buck A Shot Photography Studio in Vancouver, BC Canada. Supplemental information provided by Alphonse Leong.

Trevan is regarded among the best actor headshot photographers in Vancouver.

His body of commercial work consists of over 20,000 headshot sessions, fashion shoots, and advertising and product shoots since 1980.

trevan_wong headshot photographer vancouver

When not shooting commercially, Trevan works on photographic art and songwriting.

His art is collected worldwide and his worked has displayed at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson Square Media Centre, and The Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre.

As a songwriter, Trevan’s songs have made it on several indie artist’s CDs, on Itunes, in documentaries, and full length feature films.

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