Best Actor Headshot Repros

Best Quality Headshots for Actors

You’ve got the best headshot ever!  Now what?  In many cases you’ll be asked to bring a copy of your brand new head shot to the audition.  You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it the best!  Let Buckashot handle your printing needs.  Just choose your best headshot and let us know what kind of border you’d like and we’ll add your name to it!

Ordering is simple!  

  • Pick your shot(s)
  • Tell us how many you want of each
  • Let us know if you want a border
  • We’ll pick a great typeface for you and email you a sample for approval
best headshot vancover jaben groome

Actor’s Headshots Best Repro Pricing
All prices quoted per single digital file – applicable taxes
Prices include border style and name graphics

10 copies     $46
25 copies     $57
50 copies     $79
75 copies     $107
100 copies   $133

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